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Microm Srl
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  About Microm

MICROM Srl plans and constructs thermoplastic stamps to injection, and executes mass productions.

It works since more than 40 years in this field , employs 55 dependent and can guarantee 4,000 hours every month of mechanical construction on the product and as many for the moulding of the particulars.

The professional figures to the service of the customer boast more than thirty years of experiences and it's in a position to facing and resolving problems of high complexity using the most modern technologies.

The firm has got own technical office to develop and to plan produced on detailed lists of the customer or to carry out studies on a particular product. Since 1998 it is a certify company and it has got one organizational structure adapted to follow the customer in all phases of realization of the product.

The elevated quality of the workings, the reliability of a sure and punctual service, the constant modernization of the park blots some and of the inner professionalities, they have made of the MICROM Srl one important and consolidated entrepreneurial truth already the service of great Companies like: ERICSSON, BTICINO S.P.A., BEKO ELECTRONIK A.S. (Turkey), COLGATE PALMOLIVE ITALY Limited liability company, BRIDGESTONE (Italy, France, Spain), ABB SACE S.P.A., ENEA Center searches Frascati (Rome), ROADSIDE CAFE S.P.A., HAIL S.P.A., QUEEN SOUTH S.P.A., Group HABASIT, etc

  Microm has got
new and moderns machineries in the field of the moulding


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